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Buying and Valuations

As much as we like to hear about historic Celtic items and memorabilia, we are not currently in the market to purchase any further modern or common items for our stock. If you have a genuinely rare item (1967 Lisbon Lions) or from pre-war, then we may be interested.

We’re also afraid that we are unable to provide valuations for your items – this is so subjective. An item is only worth as much as a buyer is prepared to pay. How much a buyer is prepared to pay is down to the market you try and sell it in. Some markets (ebay) are saturated with items and will drive the price down, whereas a dedicated market of just chosen buyers competing will drive the price up. You also need to consider the buyer – if they are a collector and you have the missing piece for their collection, they will pay high. If your buyer is a dealer (like ourselves), they will pay lower prices to allow for their own profit margins. It’s for these reasons, it’s not possible for us to provide a valuation – at best, we’d offer you a quote that we’d pay for the item as a dealer.