10 Ways to Strike a Soccer Ball with POWER – Part 1 Tip 3

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Tip 3 – An Effective Practice Drill

An effective practice drill which utilizes the steps we have highlighted in the previous two chapters is as follows:

1. Ensure you are kicking the ball against either a wall, another player, or a goal with a goalkeeper. As we mentioned a little earlier, you will lose a lot of time in retrieving the ball if you do not follow this step.

2. Place the ball at a distance where you will need to generate sufficient power in order to reach your target. You will gain more from this drill by challenging yourself with larger distances straight away.

3. Leaving the ball stationary for now, take two practice approaches and swings, utilizing all of the steps we highlighted in the first two chapters. As you take these practice approaches, move yourself closer to where the ball is situated.

4. On your 3rd approach, you will actually be making contact with the ball, again utilizing the techniques you have previously learned and practiced.

5. The fact that you have taken two practice shots will have attuned your mind to remembering and concentrating solely on the techniques behind your power shots. By the time you actually make contact with the ball, these techniques should have begun to solidify further in your mind, and you should begin to see improved results.

6. This drill works so well because when you are constantly kicking the ball, you are training your mind simply to focus on your results, as opposed to your technique.

Forcing your mind to instead remember the technique by practicing beforehand, ensures that this knowledge it is more likely to ‘stick’ when it actually comes to kicking the ball.

7. As your results begin to improve, begin to move the ball further away from your target, while aiming to generate more power with your shots. Doing this will guard you against complacency, and will force you to keep focusing on and refining your technique even further.

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