How to Kick A Soccer Ball with POWER – Pt 1 – Tip 5 – Using The Centre Of The Ball

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Similar to the points we made in the previous chapter, there are also many areas of a soccer ball you can make contact with, depending upon the type of pass or shot you are attempting to make.

Making contact with either side of the ball is likely to generate substantial spin and curve to your passes, kicking the bottom of the ball is likely to increase the height of your shots when you are looking to chip or loft the ball, and kicking towards the top of the ball is likely to keep your shots and passes close to the ground.

However, while it is possible to generate quite a lot of power with any of these techniques, by far the most potent area of a soccer ball for generating real power through is by making contact with the centre of the ball, and following through from this point of contact.

The centre of the ball is commonly called the ‘sweet spot’, and when you make contact with the ball at this point, particularly when you use your own sweet spot located on the instep of your soccer boots, you are effectively utilizing both of these areas to generate maximum power from your shots and passes.

Coupled with the techniques we have thus far detailed, kicking through the centre of the ball is one of the quickest fixes you can make in generating more power from your kicking action.

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