How to Kick A Soccer Ball with POWER – Pt 1 – Tip 6 – Study Other Players

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The tips we have highlighted so far will certainly help you to begin striking a soccer ball with much more power. However, there is only so much you can learn through reading about soccer technique.

Soccer is a practical sport, and sometimes the best way to learn is by watching other players during training sessions, matches or on the TV.

Watch how many of the players incorporate the advice we have so far given you – watch for approaches to the ball, the contact points of boot on ball, the follow-through and posture of a player as he strikes through the ball.

Also study the players who don’t always get it right. If you see an attempt at goal roll slowly and sluggishly towards the goalkeeper, pause the match and take a closer look at what the player did wrong.

Were they leaning back a little? Did they get on top of the ball too much? Were they kicking with the side of the foot, as opposed to the instep?

I realize that soccer is supposed to be fun, and that hard study doesn’t always equate well with fun. However, soccer is much more fun when you are successful, and can feel as though you are improving as a player.

Studying the technique of another player is definitely one of the most effective ways of achieving these aims.

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