How to Kick A Soccer Ball with POWER – Pt 2 – Diet & Exercise – Tip 8

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Tip 8 – Eating For Extra Power

I will keep this section short, as this is not predominantly a report on healthy eating!

However, and as we noted in the previous chapter, eating healthy really can help to increase the strength of your body, and thus contribute to helping to generate and maintain the power in your soccer shots.

To reap the maximum results from your efforts, you should be focusing on a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, with plenty of protein, fresh fish and lean meats, while decreasing your sugars and added-salt foods.

You will find that a diet consisting of these foods will help to strip excess fat from your body, while giving those important leg muscles all of the energy that they need in order to generate the extra power you will soon possess if you have followed the other tips detailed in this report.

To reiterate an earlier point, you can have the greatest shooting technique in the world, but if you lack the physical strength gained from strengthening your body through a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will never give yourself the chance to fully maximize your abilities.

A soccer player’s career can be incredibly short compared to other professions – if you don’t begin to focus on your diet and exercise right away, you may find that trying to make many improvements to your game suddenly becomes a whole lot harder than it needs to be.




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