How to Kick A Soccer Ball with POWER – Pt 3 – Further Tips – Tip 9

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Part 3 – Further Tips

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Tip 9 – Wear The Correct Boots

Different soccer boots are sometimes designed to improve individual aspect of a player’s game, pertaining to their specific skills.

For instance, some boots may aid you in putting extra curve or spin on the ball, some may be designed lighter than others in order for you to glide more quickly across the pitch.

However, for the purpose of this report, we will turn our focus to ensuring you have a pair of boots which are designed to maximize the chances of you making a solid contact with which to strike a soccer ball.

Modern day innovations have provided many boots which have focused predominantly on this area, and some of these boots are worn by many of the most highly-decorated players on the planet.

When you are looking to purchase soccer boots with the intention of maximizing your power, try to look for boots which contain the following specifications:

• Asymmetrical lacing – These are boots were the laces are located towards the outside edge of the boot, thus leaving the ‘sweet spot’ of the instep unimpaired by a mound of lacing.

• Rubber compounds – First made famous by the Adidas Predator boots, these boots have a rubber-like compound directly injected onto the instep of the boot, and with a little practice can help you to generate more power, accuracy and spin on your shots and passes.

• Boots weighted towards the toe – Some boots have the majority of the ‘mass’ of the boot weighted toward the toes. This helps to reinforce the point of impact on the instep, and also aids with power optimization during contact with the ball.

As you can see, if you are serious about generating more power from your soccer shots, it is worth doing a little research and selecting a pair of soccer boots which give you every possible chance of increasing your shot power.

Modern technology has advanced to such a point that selecting the right soccer boots really can make a difference to your game, in a way which it probably could not even 5-7 years ago.

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