How to Strike a Soccer Ball with POWER – Part 1 – Tip 4 Tip 4 – Using Your Instep

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How to Strike a Soccer Ball with POWER – Part 1 – Tip 4
Tip 4 – Using Your Instep

As you will already know, there are many points on your foot in which you can make contact with a soccer ball.

You can use the inside of your foot for short passing, or for accurately placing your shots, you can use the outside of your foot to generate spin and curve on your passes, you can use the heel for those cheeky exhibition passes, and you can even use your toes, when you have no time to do anything but try and poke the ball into the net!

However, when it comes to generating serious power on your passes and shots, the only real area of the foot you should be concentrating on is the instep of your foot, and therefore the instep of your soccer boots.

Using the instep enables you to put the full weight of your body behind your shots, particularly when you utilize the technical advice we have detailed a little earlier in the book.

Using the instep isn’t all about generating power – look at how accurate the likes of David Beckham and Andrea Pirlo have been in their passing through the use of their instep.

Using your instep gives you far more options in balancing power with accuracy than any other point on your foot, and it is the area which you should spend most of your time learning to use effectively

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