Tips on Protecting Paper Memorabilia

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Tips on Protecting Paper Memorabilia

  • Don’t have any foodstuff or drinks around when you are looking at/handling your memorabilia.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your papers/photographs.

  • When handling negatives or photographs you should wear gloves as fingerprints may leave permanent marks on your items.

  • Try to keep all your paper memorabilia flat and away from any sources of moisture, and keep them stored at a cool constant temperature if at all possible.

  • Try and use storage containers/folders/sleeves that are “acid free”.

  • Do not use sleeves/folders that contain pvc/vinyl and you should also avoid using magnetic photo albums – these are the ones that have a clear, sticky page.

  • If you intend keeping documents in polyester or other stable plastic sleeves/folders, try to make sure that all of the text/images are visible so as to reduce the need to remove the document from the sleeve.

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